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Google Earth Engine Workshop

Track 3
Track 4
Monday, September 9, 2024
1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Skellerup Room
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Session 1: A hands-on introduction to Earth Engine This session introduces participants to Google Earth Engine (GEE), a powerful cloud-based platform for planetary-scale environmental data analysis. Participants will engage with a variety of hands-on examples to learn how to access, manipulate, visualize, and analyze large datasets including the nearly 100 petabytes of satellite imagery and more than 1000 geospatial datasets hosted in the Earth Engine catalog. Designed for those with little or no prior experience with Earth Engine, this session will quickly bring you up to speed.
Session 2: Earth Engine Advanced Topics This session will demonstrate of a variety of advanced Earth Engine topics, including: how to build and deploy Earth Engine Apps to create dynamic and shareable interfaces, using Earth Engine with Python notebooks and packages such as xarray, and interfacing between Earth Engine with other systems to create a real time wildfire alerting system.