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Eagle Technology Workshop

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Monday, September 9, 2024
1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
WSP Room
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Eagle Technology


Real-World Geospatial Solutions for Forestry Professionals
This workshop will delve into the transformative potential of geospatial technology in forest and harvest management. Focusing on practical applications, attendees will gain insights into how new and advanced tools and techniques can be integrated into everyday forestry operations to enhance efficiency and decision-making.
Key Topics:
Incorporating GIS in Field Operations: Workflow for using GIS technology in daily forestry activities – from field to reporting.
Reality Capture: Capturing real-world conditions accurately using modern technologies.
Live Field: Integrating real or near real-time data into forest management operations.
Image Management: Discover techniques for efficiently handling and processing large datasets, such as drone and satellite imagery. Learn best practices for managing extensive image data across various areas.
GeoAI: We can now leverage artificial intelligence to enhance
geospatial analysis and decision-making. But how do we deploy this technology?
Digital Twin of the Forest: Creating and utilising digital replicas of forest environments for planning and management.
Spatial and Image Analysis: New tools and methods for extracting meaningful information from geospatial data.
Format: The workshop will be delivered in two, 2-hour presentation-style sessions.
Relevance: The focus is on actionable insights and technologies that forestry professionals and organisations can deploy immediately. This workshop emphasises practical, hands-on applications of geospatial technology in forestry and harvest management.